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Producer's Pointers: How to Turn Your Holiday into Family History 101

December 19th, 2016
Great-Grandpa John and Great-Grandma Livia

The holidays are often occasions when families gather together to share a meal, to catch up, and at times, to argue. Instead of the latter, if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by family members, consider taking advantage of having them all together by starting a conversation about your family's history. Ask your relatives about their most vivid childhood memories.

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PRODUCER’S POINTERS: Why I Became An Oral Historian And How You Can Be One, Too

May 6th, 2016
Archive of American Television

One night when I was ten years old, my parents brought their then-new video camera over to my grandparents’ house. My dad set up the briefcase-sized Panasonic on a tripod in the living room and aimed it at the dining table in the neighboring room. Around that table sat my three living grandparents.

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