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Everybody Loves Phil

November 4th, 2016
Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal created Everybody Loves Raymond. And he's got a great piece of writing (and life) advice for you:

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Another Reason To Be a Fan of Carol Burnett

July 25th, 2014
Carol Burnett

We're fans of the do-gooder stories here at the Archive. Those wonderful tales of people going out of their way to make someone's life easier or happier in some way.

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Feel Good Friday: How Vicki Lawrence Met Carol Burnett

June 20th, 2014
Vicki Lawrence

Sometimes you just gotta go big or go home. Vicki Lawrence did just that when she wrote a fan letter to Carol Burnett that wound up changing the course of her life.

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Feel Good Friday: His Fantastic Teacher Will Make You Remember Yours

May 9th, 2014
Imero Fiorentino

Did you have a teacher that made a lasting impact on your life? Many of us were lucky enough to have at least one great teacher who acted as a cheerleader for our young, malleable selves.

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Feel Good Friday: Getting By With a Little Help From Our Friends

February 21st, 2014
Suze Orman

Sometimes it takes a village. Rarely does one's path in life follow a straight, ascending line, and when that line starts to veer south, it's nice to know that people have your back.

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Feel Good Friday: A Confidence Booster from Danny Thomas

February 7th, 2014
Marlo Thomas

At one time or another, most of us have probably struggled with comparing ourselves to others. Maybe we rate ourselves against our peers, siblings, or parents, and don't always feel like we measure up.

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